Automotive Diagnostics

Airbag Diagnostics

The Airbag system, also known as a supplementary restraint system (SRS) or supplemental inflatable restraint (SIR), is a safety system on modern automobiles that helps to protect the driver and most passengers in case of a collision.


The SRS system has numerous sensors, wiring and components, including seat belt pretensioners and the airbags themselves which for the most part are maintenance free.  While failure of these sensors, components and the wiring is uncommon an illuminated “SRS” or “Airbag” light means a fault has been detected by the onboard computer system and as such the Airbag will not deploy properly or at all in the case of a collision.


If your vehicle’s “SRS” or “Airbag” light is on have your Airbag System diagnosed immediately to assure all passenger safety features function properly.



How long will it take to diagnose my problem?

In most cases, we can actually find AND fix the problem in the same day.


Do I need an appointment?

Most centers do not require an appointment, but please call for details. It is our goal to make it convenient and offer times that works best for you.


How much will it cost?

Diagnostics are usually handled at a case by case basis. A Check Engine Light diagnostic will often be at a fixed rate, unless additional diagnostic procedures are needed.


Why does my parts store offer to “do my check engine light” for free?

Parts stores capabilities are limited to only reading the stored trouble codes, but they do not perform the diagnostic procedures to determine what is exactly required to fix your vehicle. Homer’s Auto Electric have experienced technicians whose job it is to accurately diagnose and fix cars!


What are examples of vehicle operating issues that require diagnostics?

Typical vehicle operating issues that require a diagnosis on your vehicle include:

• Any warning lights on the dash that are illuminated (Check Engine Light, ABS, etc.)

• Emissions failures

• Engine or transmission performance

• Steering and ride control


All of the parts we install are guaranteed to meet or exceed manufacturer standards, and if you wish, we’ll return all of your old parts to you. If a dashboard light is activated in your vehicle, have the problem taken care of by our experts.



Homer’s Auto Electric is your repair shop for auto diagnostics. Houston TX can be unforgiving when it comes to extreme heat, and no one wants to spend hours outside trying to repair a vehicle, let alone figuring out what the problem is. Automotive diagnostic tools are the high tech way around ripping apart your vehicle piece by piece and inspecting each one.


When it comes to car diagnostics, many people may say that a computer is doing all the work and the technician just following orders. Though it’s true that the equipment is telling us what’s happening, it’s still up to the skill of the technician to determine the underlying cause of the issue and apply experience and intelligent problem solving skills to efficiently solve the problem. Our technicians have the equipment, skills and experience to quickly and accurately attack the root of your vehicle problems.


Engine Diagnostics is a carefully designed system consisting of a few important pieces; but the most important thing to be aware of is your Electronic Control Unit (ECU).


All vehicles manufactured after the mid 90’s are equipped with a EUC. Your vehicles ECU is essentially an onboard computer that monitors the performance of an engines fuel injection, RPM’s and a multitude of other processes required to keep your car running. The ECU is constantly making small adjustments to the timing of these processes and keeping them in line. In the event of a problem the ECU cannot fix, the ECU will activate your “check engine light” and store a trouble code in its memory for collection by a technician.

Another integral portion of the car diagnosis system is the sensors. Every vehicle is equipped with multiple sensors; these are basically the eyes and ears of the vehicles ECU and will report an issue back to the computer should something be amiss. One thing that we pay attention to is the fact that if one of your sensors goes bad, it can register as a major issue requiring extensive repair; however, in cases like these simply replacing the sensor will deactivate your check engine light and resolve the issue quickly and cheaply.


At Homer’s Auto Electric, we take pride in the fact that we can diagnose and resolve even the strangest of vehicle problems with speed, efficiency and at the least cost to you. We understand that your car is used every day to accomplish your needs and respect the fact that you need it back as soon as possible. We have Master Technicians standing by to ensure that no issue is overlooked. Furthermore, we will take the time to let you know the root of the issue so that it can be avoided in the future. So if your car is acting strangely or that pesky check engine light has turned on, take your vehicle to the experts at Homer’s Auto Electric and relax. We’ll make sure that your car is back on the road and serving you loyally in no time.


Stop guessing and start assessing! Know what is going on with your vehicle so you can make an educated decision that will put you and your passengers back on the road safely and with confidence.


• Quick and quality service performed by a professional Homer’s Auto Electric technician

• A scan of your vehicle’s on board computer using state of the art equipment

• Documentation of the diagnostic trouble code(s) (DTC) and code description(s)

• A database check for any technical service bulletins issued by the vehicle manufacturer that may

   be related to the DTC(s)


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